Can you predict specific in-game CS:GO situations?

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The Challenge

Can you build an AI system that predicts specific in-game CS:GO situations?

Get your team ready to use machine learning to recognise and predict specific in-game situations in CS:GO and state likely outcomes.

This is a chance to show your skills and test your model against the world’s best CS:GO-players, when the CS:GO world elite returns to Copenhagen in 2020.

Why it’s cool to participate
The aim of the CS:GO AI Challenge is to highlight the skills in the community, kickstart some careers, award cool prizes, and possibly utilize the best algorithms within the Skybox product. Skybox is an esports tech start-up co-founded by Anders Blume in 2018 and made up of a small dedicated team. It hopes to review some great algorithms and potentially collaborate with exceptional teams.

The Details

Here are the milestone dates of the CS:GO AI Challenge:

May 1st 2020: The first data set will be available to all entrant teams

July 1st 2020: The second data set will be available and kick off a “Summer Hackathon” where you can refine your final algorithm.

August 16th 2020: All teams submit their algorithms

September/October 2020: All entrant teams’ codes are tested against a separate data set to find the teams with the most precise algorithms. The no. #1, #2 and #3 winning teams are announced!

December 2020: The top-3 teams will participate in a BLAST Premier event to run their prediction model during professional CS:GO matches. Each team gets a score based on how many times their prediction is right. Scores are tallied up and the winner will be announced before the final match.

Terms & Conditions
Please read the competition’s terms and conditions and note, that when you enter this competition and submit your code at the end of it, you agree with these terms.

Please note that there will be a transfer of ownership IPR once the team has submitted their code. Participants employed at a company should contact their employers to make sure, that there is no breach of contract when entering this competition.


First prize: The team with the best algorithm
The team with the most precise algorithm will be rewarded with €5.000 from Skybox Technologies for their submitted code! The team will also be invited to spend some days in the amazing city of Copenhagen in Denmark, where they’ll run their prediction models during professional CS:GO matches with the world’s elite players.

Prizes for the top-3 teams
The three teams with the best algorithms will be invited to Copenhagen to run their prediction models during professional CS:GO matches with the world’s elite players. In Copenhagen, all teams will get a chance to explore the city and some of its innovative tech companies, hang out with Anders Blume and the Skybox guys and get a VIP backstage tour of a mega CS:GO Pro event.

We are still working more exciting stuff for the top-teams – so stay tuned!

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